The Paramos
The Paramos
Amsterdam Wedding Photographers

Hi there!


We are Francisco & Cláudia, a Portuguese couple of wedding photographers based in Amsterdam. Now you might be asking yourself: how did these two love birds ended up living in The Netherlands?

Oh well, sit tight this is a good one.

We met at our home country in Portugal, more specifically in Francisco's home town. Needless to say it was love at first sight. None of us was looking for love, really, but the feeling grew way too strong and fast for any of us to disregard. After dating for a while we just couldn't stand not seeing each other every second of our lives. So we've moved together after a couple of months and started writing our own story. Being a travelling passionate couple that we are, we decided to go on this adventurous road trip through Europe by car to reach the country that we chose to live happily ever after - The (rainy and cold and gloomy) Netherlands. Despite the weather, we can say with confidence that every single kilometre was worth it. We got to meet new beautiful and interesting people, new cultures, and lucky enough to do what we love: capturing and witnessing other inspiring people's love around the globe. The connections we make, listening to your stories and the moments we are fortunate to capture of your day it is what keeps us inspired. Our passion is to capture genuine hugs, smiles and tears, honest big and small moments filled with emotion.

In short, we simply love love.

Now, we've told you our story and we sure hope to hear yours. Speak soon!

With love,
Francisco & Cláudia